7 Expert Tips to Secure the Best LCS Championship Tickets

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The League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) stands as an elite eSports spectacle that draws a global audience. The electrifying ambiance, high-stakes gameplay, and opportunity to watch favorite teams and players make it a must-see for any eSports aficionado. But what’s the secret to landing the best LCS Championship tickets? This detailed guide will shed light on everything you need to be aware of.

LCS Championship: A Brief Overview

Prior to delving into the specifics of ticket acquisition, it’s crucial to grasp what the LCS Championship entails. This event marks the pinnacle of the competitive League of Legends season in North America, pitting top teams against each other for the prestigious title and a shot at representing the region at the annual World Championship.

Key Strategies for Procuring LCS Championship Tickets

Scoring tickets for this sought-after event necessitates prompt action, thoughtful planning, and a touch of fortune. Here are some pointers to assist you in securing your LCS Championship tickets.

Reliable Online Platforms

The initial and most dependable source for tickets is the official League of Legends eSports website or the official webpages of associated ticket vendors. These platforms offer precise details on ticket launch dates, costs, and seating configurations.

Alternative Sellers

While the official channels are always preferable, third-party vendors could serve as a backup. Platforms like StubHub or Ticketmaster frequently have tickets in stock even when they’re exhausted on official sites. However, it’s important to verify these vendors’ credibility to steer clear of fraud.

Ticket Bundles

If you’re after a more immersive experience, consider buying ticket packages. These typically comprise premium seats, early access, unique merchandise, and occasionally, player meet-and-greets.

The Importance of Timing

Tickets for coveted eSports events like the LCS Championship tend to get snapped up swiftly. Keep tabs on when tickets hit the market and be prepared to buy as soon as they’re up for grabs.

Selecting Suitable Seats

When buying LCS Championship tickets, think about your preferred seating area. Each venue has its unique seating layout and different sections provide distinct experiences.

Prime Position Seats

These are highly sought-after seats offering a close-up view of the stage and players. They’re perfect for dedicated fans who wish to be at the heart of the excitement.

Overlooking Seats

This seating offers a wide-angle view of the entire spectacle. They’re ideal for those who appreciate a holistic view of the matches.

Choosing Tickets Based on Budget Constraints

The cost of LCS Championship tickets can fluctuate considerably depending on factors like seat location, package features, and ticket demand. Establish a budget before you commence your search and aim to adhere to it.

Planning Your Excursion

Once you’ve secured your LCS Championship tickets, it’s time to organize your trip. Take into account aspects like lodging, transport, and dining.


Search for hotels or rentals in close proximity to the venue for ease of access. Making reservations well in advance can land you more attractive deals.

Getting There

Figure out how you’ll reach the venue on the day of the match. Public transit, taxis, or ride-sharing services are popular choices.

Dining Options

Look up local restaurants or food joints to plan your meals. Some venues also feature food kiosks or cafes.

Parting Thoughts

Locking down the best LCS Championship tickets requires meticulous planning and timely action. By adhering to this guide, you can ensure a smooth ticket purchase journey and revel in the exhilaration of the LCS Championship.

LCS Championship tickets

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