10 Essential Strategies for Kelbi Hunting in Monster Hunter Rise

Introduction to Kelbi Hunting in Monster Hunter Rise

In the expansive universe of Monster Hunter Rise, numerous species of creatures inhabit the various terrains. Among these, the innocuous Kelbi takes on a significant role. A goat-like creature that has remained a staple in the Monster Hunter series since its origin, Kelbi provides valuable resources for players to procure. This piece offers a detailed guide to understanding and pursuing Kelbi in Monster Hunter Rise.

Kelbi Hunting in Monster Hunter Rise

Comprehending the Kelbi

The Kelbi, a small herbivore, is widely dispersed across various locations in Monster Hunter Rise. They’re easily distinguishable by their light-blue fur and noticeable antlers, which are not merely decorative but serve as a valuable resource in the game, aiding in the creation of powerful healing items.

Finding the Kelbi

Typically, Kelbis are found in wooded areas like the Frost Islands and Sandy Plains. They usually graze in herds and are non-aggressive, making them easy prey for hunters. Yet, their quick movements and small stature can make them slightly challenging to strike.

Tactics for Hunting the Kelbi

It’s critical to note during Kelbi hunting that these creatures are easily frightened. Stealthy approaches or utilizing ranged weapons can prove effective. Launching an attack from behind can stun a Kelbi, allowing another chance to strike before it escapes.

Utilizing Kelbi Resources

The most sought-after loot from a Kelbi is its antlers. These can be used to craft Ancient Potions, potent items that fully replenish a player’s health and stamina. Additionally, they can be utilized to prepare Kelbi Stew, a meal offering temporary immunity to all ailments.

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Maintaining the Kelbi Population

Despite their resource value, it’s crucial for players to hunt sustainably. Overhunting can cause a decline in the local Kelbi population, making them increasingly difficult to locate in subsequent games.


In Monster Hunter Rise, pursuing Kelbi isn’t just about securing valuable resources. It’s also about comprehending the game’s ecosystem and preserving equilibrium. By hunting responsibly and effectively utilizing the resources they provide, players can ensure these gentle creatures continue to flourish in this digital landscape.

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