Borderlands 3 Crossplay Connectivity: A 5-Step Guide for Players

Welcome to Borderlands 3 Crossplay

Gearbox Software’s thrilling shooter-looter adventure, Borderlands 3, has shattered expectations since its release. In this age of digital camaraderie, the thrill of connecting with friends irrespective of their gaming hardware is unparalleled. This article will illuminate the path for you to establish crossplay between PC and PS4, ushering in a new era of collaborative chaos.

Your Ultimate Crossplay Activation Guide

Embark on a seamless cross-platform journey with these crucial steps:

Initiate Your SHiFT Account for Universal Play

Commence with setting up a no-cost SHiFT account to serve as the linchpin for crossplay.

  1. Browse to the SHiFT website.
  2. Select ‘Sign Up’ and submit your information.
  3. Confirm your email to finalize your SHiFT account.
  4. Link this account to your gaming platform of choice.

Linking Your SHiFT and Gaming Accounts

Your SHiFT account must be synced with your gaming system.

  1. Access your SHiFT account via the Gearbox webpage.
  2. Proceed to ‘Gaming Platforms’ within settings.
  3. Choose from Steam, Epic Games Store, or PlayStation Network.
  4. Complete the linking sequence as directed.

Activating Crossplay in Borderlands 3

With synced accounts, turn on crossplay in the game itself.

  1. Launch Borderlands 3.
  2. Head into ‘Options’ from the main menu.
  3. Find the ‘Social’ section.
  4. Enable ‘Crossplay’ within that tab.

Navigating Borderlands 3 Crossplay Matchmaking

Finding fellow Vault Hunters is a breeze thanks to intuitive matchmaking.

Joining Friends on Different Platforms

SHiFT matchmaking allows for easy connection to friends on other systems.

  1. Select ‘Social’ from the main menu in-game.
  2. Access the ‘SHiFT’ tab.
  3. Add friends by their SHiFT username in the visible list.
  4. After they accept, connect directly to game together.

Engaging in Random Matchmaking

To meet new allies, opt for the random matchmaking feature.

  1. In ‘Social’, click the ‘Matchmaking’ tab.
  2. Pick your desired gameplay style.
  3. The matchmaking system looks for players across all platforms.

Customizing Your Crossplay Adventure

Refine your settings for an ideal gaming escapade.

Tuning Network Settings for Smooth Play

Ensure your network settings are optimal for multiplayer action.

  • Adjust NAT type to Open or Moderate to alleviate connection issues.
  • Consider forwarding ports specific to Borderlands 3 for improved connectivity.

Communicating Across Different Platforms

Interaction among players is pivotal in cooperative titles like Borderlands 3.

  • Use in-game text chat for brief communication.
  • For more comprehensive collaboration, players might prefer external voice services.

Borderlands 3 Crossplay Connectivity

Addressing Common Crossplay Obstacles

Occasionally, you may confront some hiccups. Here’s how to tackle them.

Issues Finding SHiFT Friends

If friends seem elusive:

  • Recheck your and your friend’s SHiFT usernames are inputted accurately.
  • Ensure both parties have enabled crossplay in their game settings.

Solving Connection Issues During Crossplay

Connection woes? Implement these measures:

  • Restart both your game and device.
  • Inspect your internet stability.
  • Persistent issues can often be resolved by visiting Gearbox’s support site.

Unlocking Borderlands 3 Crossplay’s Full Potential

Crossplay is more than just technology; it’s about community-building.

The Societal Advantages of Crossplay

  • Enables friends to come together, irrespective of platform choice.
  • Broadens player availability for matchmaking, minimizing wait times.
  • Promotes diverse and inclusive gaming circles.

Borderlands 3’s Crossplay Evolution

  • As the industry progresses, crossplay might become ubiquitous in future titles.
  • Gearbox Software persists in refining Borderlands 3, indicating potential future enhancements to crossplay utilities.

Conclusion: The Pinnacle of Cross-Platform Play in Borderlands 3

Through this elaborate guide, you’re prepared to bridge the gap between PC and PS4, immersing yourself and others into the anarchic splendor that is Borderlands 3 without restriction.

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